MadDog Kayak & Canoe Rentals
Best small boating location in Mid-Coast Maine

Set Out Directly From Our Pier in the South Bristol Gut

Head West into the Damariscotta River or East into Johns Bay
About the Gut
The Gut simply cleaves Rutherford Island from the South Bristol Peninsula. East of the new bridge is the working harbor  and exits into Johns Bay, This route is calm and protected with plenty of picnic spots. The Western Gut empties into the Damariscotta River where conditions can be more challenging, with gusty breezes and strong tidal action.
At MadDog we do not offer tours. The conditions at our pier accomodate the first timer to the most experienced boater. We will gauge the weather and tide for the day and make tour suggestions. We will be certain that you shall avoid dangerous conditions according to your skill level.

  1. Hours of Operation
    Rentals are available from June 15 - October 1 7 days per week. 8AM - 5PM. Call for special off-hour requests. (207)-831-1792 We do not take reservations but call and we'll see how we may accommodate.
  2. The Fleet
    We shall seek to match the kayak or canoe that will meet your experience and needs. We have a variety of styles and shapes ranging from child size to tandem.
  3. Rates
    All boats 4 hours - $30.00 8 hours - $45.00 Multiple boat rental reduction

We aren't Kidding

Whether it be a very short or a day long adventure, you are going to come across the prettiest sea and landscapes there are to be seen on the Maine Coast. 
You're going to want to ask about these close-by spots before setting out
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  • What's good for lunch at Christmas Cove
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  • The ruins of the fort at Fort Island
  • Island camping
  • Where to see the best untouched oyster shell middens
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